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Practice areas

Vinodkumar & Associates offers a wide variety of legal services to corporate and government clients across the country. The firm’s major clients include Government Organizations and Corporates in industries such as banking, heavy electricals, real estate, telecommunications, etc. The firm also has successfully taken up family, civil and criminal law related cases.

We hear the client and after perusing the documents, we enlighten clients about relevant laws and applicable facts. We then provide legal counsel by informing them about the possibilities, merits and demerits of proceedings. On receiving the client’s permissions to proceed, the petitions would be drafted and presented before the court. This is followed by formal legal proceedings making submissions, examining and cross examining the parties, analyzing the evidence, interpreting the law and arguing the case before the court, even submitting written arguments, if so directed by the court.

Additionally, drafting and negotiating deeds such as sale deeds, partition deeds, gift deeds exchange deeds, wills, commercial agreements, including agreements related to licenses, leases and confidentiality issues, agreements for sale. Promissory note, bonds, statutory notices and other notices relating to commercial and non commercial transactions, demand notices for tort, defamation etc.